So the Duke Nukem lawsuit is over, then

Just a quick post here: as you all probably know by now, Gearbox has taken over development of the loooong-awaited next Duke Nukem game, Duke Nukem Forever.  There’s a Wired interview with Randy Pitchford of Gearbox here.
Reading this interview made me want to write this very short post for two reasons:
(1) I’m excited at the prospect of a new Duke Nukem game; and
(2) The interview makes it clear that the 2009 lawsuit between publisher Take-Two and previous developer Apogee (over Apogee’s failure to release the game in time…or at all) has been settled.  Quote from Wired:

” “I didn’t want the dream to die,” Pitchford says. So he bought the rights to Duke for an undisclosed amount, then proposed to the publisher that the lawsuits be dropped and Gearbox be allowed to finish the game.”
Which means Gearbox isn’t going to be slapped with a big lawsuit before it can get Duke Nukem Forever out into the stores.  So that’s alright then.
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