A beginner’s guide to IP in games

Hi everyone.  Earlier this week I went along to Dundee, Scotland for the Digital Spark conference and delivered a session on a beginner’s guide to IP in games.  I made a Prezi for the session and thought you might like to see it, so here it is: http://prezi.com/ynsvjg5hgpc6/a-beginners-guide-to-ip-in-games-jas-purewal-osborne-clarke/. Please feel free to have a look over… Continue reading A beginner’s guide to IP in games

Patents and the mobile/games industry

This post represents my personal views – not those of my employer. Patents are suddenly causing problems in the mobile games industry – this is what you need to know about it. What’s been happening: Lodsys vs the app developers This year has seen a sudden spike in patent lawsuits/threats against businesses in the mobile… Continue reading Patents and the mobile/games industry

Demystifying copyright and games

This post was originally published on GAMESbrief. If you want to protect your games, you need to understand copyright law. It’s that simple. The problem is that many people get pretty hot under the collar about copyright law and think it does a lot more than it actually does. So, this post is about what… Continue reading Demystifying copyright and games

Demystifying Trade Marks and Games

Trade marks are one of the most important ways to protect a game legally, but they are frequently misunderstood – as much through ignorance as anything else.  So, this post explains what trade marks are, what they do, when you can protect them and when you can’t. Usual caveat applies: this post just signposts some of the key… Continue reading Demystifying Trade Marks and Games