Realtime Worlds enters administration

Realtime Worlds, the Dundee-based developer of MMO All Points Bulletin, suddenly entered administration earlier this week.  Those of you who follow games industry developments will have known about this development since it broke (and for those who want more background or info on recent developments, have a look here on Develop or here on Edge).  If… Continue reading Realtime Worlds enters administration

Zushi Games enters administration

UK publisher Zushi Games has entered administration, reports MCV.  It had previously published games including Premier Manager and Jig-a-Pix.  It’s always a shame to see a company go into administration, but it’s worth bearing in mind what administration is and what it is intended to do.  Read on for more… What is administration? Administration is… Continue reading Zushi Games enters administration

CDV enters insolvency, could be bought up?

German console and PC publisher CDV Software Entertainment AG has filed for insolvency at the district court in Frankfurt, reports CDV’s insolvency comes soon after its victory over Southpeak in a long-running UK legal battle by CDV against Southpeak and its subsidiaries over alleged breaches of contract and copyright infringement, which saw Southpeak being… Continue reading CDV enters insolvency, could be bought up?

Stargate studio goes bankrupt, or What is Chapter 11? reports that US developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  The developer group is known chiefly for its Stargate licence (it has already made Stargate Resistance and is apparently continuing work on the forthcoming MMO Stargate Worlds). This news itself comes from a statement made on CME’s Stargate forum, which… Continue reading Stargate studio goes bankrupt, or What is Chapter 11?

Commentary: Oxygen Games in administration

Just a quick one: Oxygen Games, a UK publisher of predominantly sports titles, last week controversially entered administration – specifically, a pre-pack administration.  The full story is at (articles here).  Now creditors are beginning to ask questions about exactly what is going on.  The latter article carries a quote from our own Jas Purewal (reproduced below): ”… Continue reading Commentary: Oxygen Games in administration