Gamer/Law Features

Each month, we write a feature about a topical legal development in the games industry, from lawsuits to new legislation to new legal/business issues.  Here they are:
December 2009: A single new games rating system?  (Published on
November 2009: Celebrities, Attack!
September 2009: Three Strikes Coming In? (published on


Gamer/Law is a blog about the law and business of video games and other forms of interactive entertainment.

Gamer/Law is written by me, Jas Purewal, plus guest writers.  I’m a European interactive entertainment lawyer, usually based in London, UK but I’ve also worked in mainland Europe and Silicon Valley.  I work with a wide range of businesses from mobile startups to established development studios to YouTube channels; you can read more about my work here.

I started writing Gamer/Law back in 2009 because there wasn’t anyone else blogging about the law of interactive entertainment.  It’s my attempt to help explain legal issues to developers, consumers and other members of the amazing video games and interactive entertainment industry.

I’m always happy to speak with readers or anyone else who wants to get in touch, which you can do here.