Do you own your kindle ebooks?

I just read this quick Wired post on whether you own your kindle ebooks.  This is what they said: “If convenient euphemisms could somehow be outlawed, the “Buy now with 1-Click” button on Kindle pages would have to be relabeled “License now with 1-Click.” Amazon’s terms of service clearly state that, unlike those bulky slabs… Continue reading Do you own your kindle ebooks?

Can the next generation consoles block used games?

The next generation Microsoft and Sony games consoles – Sony PlayStation 4 and the newly announced Xbox One – are coming pretty soon now.  There’s been much speculation about to what extent they might attempt to block used games sales, or even sharing of games.  For example, have a look at this BBC article.  Can… Continue reading Can the next generation consoles block used games?

Virtual and augmented reality: the next big legal controversy for games?

Gamer/Law friend Tommy Rousse (@Ludist) brought to my attention some interesting thoughts about Oculus Rift (the “Virtual Reality headset for 3D games), virtual reality and legal regulation of it.  His conclusion:  “I think VR is going to be the future of the new media regulation fight”.  It’s interesting stuff – take a look at