Game cloning: recent legal developments

My employer, Osborne Clarke, held its biannual Interactive Entertainment Legal Forum (a networking event and training session for inhouse games lawyers from UK and Europe) last month.  I spoke about the difficult topic of game cloning, non-literal copying and recent legal developments regarding it.  What actually is the law about game cloning in the UK and EU?  Is it right that there’s no real legal recourse for cloning?

Have a look at my slide-deck below for my thoughts on this.  For those of you receiving this via newsletter, here’s the direct link.

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One thought on “Game cloning: recent legal developments”

  1. Thank you for posting this. This topic has been on my mind a lot recently and it is interesting to see the position on it. It still surprises me somewhat that a full scale legal battle can arise between Apple and Samsung over using a swiping motion to look through photos but it is fine for almost every modern first person shooter to share game mechanics, plot, settings and often mission objectives. Sony's recently announced Play Station All Stars is another example

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