A quick guide to the EU data protection proposals

This week the EU proposed a major overhaul of its data protection.  As the largest trading bloc in the world, what the EU thinks about data matters.  Here’s a summary that my firm, Osborne Clarke, prepared: All organisations hold and process personally identifiable data – not least about their staff, customers or suppliers, or all… Continue reading A quick guide to the EU data protection proposals

Crowdfunding is amazing

I’ve been thinking about crowdfunding for a while, and I was generally aware from industry stories and client experiences that it is an interesting way to get funding for games.  Besides which, I’m interested in how best to make it work legally (more on that later).  Then I was asked today to look into some… Continue reading Crowdfunding is amazing

What happens when a game with virtual goods closes?

This is a post by Jas and Jonny Mayner.  As reported last week (see here and here) casual game developer ZipZapPlay (owned by PopCap since April 2011) will be putting up the “Shop Closed” sign at Baking Life on 31st January 2012. The Facebook game reportedly once attracted 6.7 million users per month, but at… Continue reading What happens when a game with virtual goods closes?

Some thoughts about SOPA

I don’t need to tell you all what the US Stop Online Piracy Act is about, because the Internet has talked about nothing else for the last few days (or at least, those parts of the Internet which haven’t been closed in protest against SOPA). It caused a great, great deal of controversy, far more… Continue reading Some thoughts about SOPA

On piracy

About this time last week I wrote the second of my monthly columns on Edge, this time about defending the rights of developers to take legal action against pirates of their games.  You can read it here.  The genesis of the post was me reading about CD Projekt, developer of The Witcher 1 and 2,… Continue reading On piracy

Gamer/Law’s ten 2012 predictions

You’ve guessed it: I thought I’d jump into the it’s-a-new-year-let’s-make-some-predictions business for 2012.  And, like all forward-looking predictions, I’ve mixed a few safe bets with some slightly more “punchy” predictions (which FYI is lawyer-speak for taking a massive bet on something!)  Here goes, in no particular order: