A change of scenery…

Hi everyone

This is just a quick personal post to let you know about a change in my circumstances: after three great years at technology law firm Olswang, I’ve decided to move on.  So, I’ll shortly be joining Osborne Clarke, a UK law firm with one of (if not the) leading video games and technology law practices (in which, as you’ll know, I have a passing interest!) – so these are pretty exciting times for me.

Anyway.  As far as Gamer/Law is concerned, it will continue much as before.  In fact, over the next few months you’ll see more content, new features and a new layout, so watch this space…



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5 thoughts on “A change of scenery…”

  1. Congratulations! That’s a huge step in your career. But they must have known you were a shoe-in when they saw the detail and analysis you go into on this site. right ;3?

  2. Congratulations! A Gamer law firm eh. Does that mean you’ll be charging £100 an article from now on? =P

  3. That’s so funny. There is a bunk room for boys on the first flso8&#r211;gueos someone was smart enough to try to separate the boys and the girls. Both bunk rooms have a regular bedroom with a private bath right across the hall. I imagined a nanny or couple of parents being assigned to keep an eye or maybe ear on things–and you’re right, sticking their head in and yelling.

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