How big are game worlds?

Ever wondered how big WoW is compared to GTA?  Look here for your answer (via @PCGamer).
I have no idea whether it is accurate or not but, if it is, it suggests you could get four WoW worlds (80 square miles) inside one Just Cause 2 world (400 square miles)!  O rly? 
Interestingly, it also suggests that the biggest game world of all is Elder Scrolls III: Daggerfall, at a massive 62,394 square miles! That’s just amazing.
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  1. Don't forget that Daggerfall's areas were randomly generated.

    The size of GW:Nightfall and LotRO according to that map are surprisingly huge. I've played both of them as well as WoW and none of the three really stood out as having a particularly large world.

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