Games Observation #1: billions of lives are at stake?

I’ve been thinking recently that this blog is (hopefully) quite good at discussing games and law, but not really so much just games.  So, I’ll try to write a bit more about games from time to time. 
One way I decided to do that, is every month, to write about a stray thought which hits me while playing games and which I find interesting (you can make your own mind up).  To go with the ‘observations’ theme, I’m also going to have a go at posting a different picture of a thought-provoking games landscape for each post (this month: Stalker).

So, here’s games observation #1: the last time that I can remember playing a game where I felt that the consequences of my actions extended beyond me (and my immediate team) was Freespace 2.  It was a brilliantly realised space sim with a gripping ‘scifi opera’ storyline and it did a great job of making you realise, emotionally as well as intellectually, that the survival of billions of people depended on your success.  Then, here’s the observation bit: Freespace 2 was released in 1999.  Why hasn’t any game managed to do that since?

(Image credit: GameSpot)Thoughts on a postcard (or the comments thread), please…

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