Fallout MMO details published – have Interplay and Bethesda done a deal?

Duck and Cover reports that Interplay have released a lot of new material on their Fallout MMO, named “Fallout: Online”, including a new website.

I’ve discussed on this blog several times previously the lawsuit between Interplay and Bethesda with the future of the Fallout IP (including Interplay’s Fallout MMO project) at stake.  So far, there has been no publicised resolution of that dispute.  So, either:

(1) Interplay is forging ahead with its MMO project despite the litigation – which could be risky if the lawsuit goes against Interplay (though it may be that Interplay was emboldened by Bethesda’s failure to obtain a preliminary injunction barring Interplay from using the Fallout IP pending resolution of the lawsuit); OR

(2) There has been an unpublicised settlement enabling Interplay to go ahead with its MMO (though one would imagine Bethesda would fight hard for Fallout MMO rights, given the value of that IP). 

So what has happened?

(Image credit: Wikimedia)

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