Australia edges closer to an 18 games rating?

New South Australian Attorney General John Rau says he’s currently neutral on the issue of an 18 age rating for games in the country, reports

He told Gamespot AU that he had “no preconceptions about this issue and intend[s] to listen to the arguments” but that, until he has been able to read up on the issue, he “can neither support nor wisely argue against a position if I am not aware of the relevant factors“.  He also said that, “it is worth noting that ultimately, the decision does not rest with me alone…Any change would require the support of each jurisdiction’s attorney-general.”

We’ve written previously about Australia’s approach to games classification, which does not at present include an 18 rating.  This has led to games such as Aliens v Predator and Left 4 Dead 2 previously being banned for being too ‘violent’ for a 15 rating.  It was widely held at the time that the sole barrier to introducing an 18 rating was former South Australia Attorney General Michael Atkinson, who was said to be the only Attorney General actively opposed to an 18 rating (Australian readers, correct me if I’m wrong on that).

Since then, the Australian government has held a large public inquiry into an 18 rating and Mr Atkinson has stepped down.  Positive signs for an 18 rating for Australian games?  Watch this space…

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