Spry Fox settles with 6Waves – does it matter?

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Spry Fox and 6Waves have settled their legal dispute over allegations that 6Waves had cloned Spry Fox’s game Triple Town.  News of the lawsuit received great attention and no small amount of oppobrium directed at 6Waves.  News of the settlement has received similar fanfare.  But does this really matter to the wider games or software industry?  I don’t think so – not from a purely legal perspective anyway. (more…)

Tetris wins the first legal victory against clones

The Tetris Company has won a court case against the developer of an iOS Tetris clone  – this is a really significant legal development in fighting clones, so I’m quite excited about it.  The case is here and is reported on extensively by the 1709 copyright law blog (via Rosie Burbidge – thanks!), which I recommend you read, so I’ll just summarise the facts briefly here and add a few observations. (more…)

Game cloning: recent legal developments

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My employer, Osborne Clarke, held its biannual Interactive Entertainment Legal Forum (a networking event and training session for inhouse games lawyers from UK and Europe) last month.  I spoke about the difficult topic of game cloning, non-literal copying and recent legal developments regarding it.  What actually is the law about game cloning in the UK and EU?  Is it right that there’s no real legal recourse for cloning? (more…)