Virtual and augmented reality: the next big legal controversy for games?

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Gamer/Law friend Tommy Rousse (@Ludist) brought to my attention some interesting thoughts about Oculus Rift (the “Virtual Reality headset for 3D games), virtual reality and legal regulation of it.  His conclusion:  “I think VR is going to be the future of the new media regulation fight”.  It’s interesting stuff – take a look at (There’s some more thoughs below from me btw).


Couple that with legal concerns regarding augmented reality (look at all the discussion of Google Glass law beginning to pop up).  And let’s not forget the infamous There is a Canal YouTube video combining Google Glass and a fictional Battlefield or Call of Duty type first person shooter.

How long before newspapers, parents or regulators start talking about virtual and augmented reality products as the next front in regulating the games industry?

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